Men’s store purchase notes which

now open a brand menswear store, has become a business trend, however, shop business to choose a good supply of goods is a must, men’s clothing store purchase to pay attention to what? For you summed up the five points, we take a look at it.

1: according to their preferences purchase

most of the clothing is MM, so the original intention of the clothing is very romantic, that they like to go shopping, like clothing, clothing purchase experience, so blind to open clothing store. In fact, many of the clothing shop fiasco novice, all made the first big: purchase in accordance with their own likes and dislikes! Love you, does not mean that other people love you; love, not love love you, on behalf of the market; it does not mean the location of your shop, shop decoration love you. Incoming goods while all selected good goods, but because the style is messy, looks like a grocery store, good goods to fire 3.

two: "lazy complex

do a small clothing, such as going to the 13 line, the train, went straight to the destination, directly to the warm home, sweep the goods sent out, the whole afternoon are free, free from restraint. These people will never be bigger, because they made the shop second taboo: lazy success lies in the accumulation, do not accumulate at any time, the success of knocking at the door, you do not know who he is. If you want to set up a successful shop, do not give yourself an excuse for laziness, ready to knock their own alarm.

three: being touted by the wholesalers dizzy

in the wholesale market, is the owner of a compliment a few words, took many colors, many people take? Some MM in their own shop in the wholesale market, qiaosheruhuang, a few "big customers, the vision of the words down, was supposed to speak a few face price, finally sleepwalk you know the money handed. Kill people very sober, was killed when confused. Backshish can not count the ways, the wholesale market a few blocks, hundreds and hundreds of pieces, hundreds of dollars for a small shop, but also do not know how much is slobber, flicker with stickers, when a sudden death.

four: adaptation phenomenon

owners have such experience: enter a wholesale stalls, the first selected paragraph after picking, slowly feel that other goods are good, get some more? This is actually a psychological phenomenon "to adapt to the. Is the old saying in "objectionable environment long time without its foul smell, into the room of Elaine long and not smell its fragrance. Psychology tells us that people’s sense organs are prone to change, sustained stimulation will reduce the sensitivity. Purchase time, at any time to remind myself not to impulse, have time to go back and forth several times, so as to

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