The development of entrepreneurial nternet plus rural area of Hainan

21 century, both living in the countryside or city, are inevitably affected by the impact of Internet plus. Follow the footsteps of Internet plus, combined with their own characteristics and development situation, it is wise to!

For the better development of "entrepreneurial Internet plus" trend of

in rural areas of our province, the agricultural products market is relatively small and closed, there is an urgent need to use the Internet to expand sales channels to promote agricultural production and rural youth are willing to accept the new machine "Internet plus" era has brought them to meet new challenges.

global Internet tide is irresistible, go forward with great strength and vigour, today, have no a region, an industry which can resist penetration of the internet. From a mango to sell apples, from the rich to drive one party, I used the "Internet plus" to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, led the villagers get rich rural youth in the minority.

How to

poverty alleviation "dead" disappear in "creative age"? "Internet plus" imagination can be extended to rural areas? On entrepreneurship and innovation in the trend of the times, will start the seeds in the soil of common prosperity, the significance is more profound. Our province has 4 million 180 thousand rural population, accounting for about 46% of the province’s population. If more rural youth can through the "Internet plus" means and mode of thinking to promote the development of rural economy, agricultural production efficiency and improve the living standards of farmers, will get benefits for the province’s nearly half of the people.

network business prospects although tempting, but also beware of hot headed, herd, but to the enemy, according to local conditions, bold but cautious, steady. In fact, the network is not through the network to sell things so simple. Network in rural areas, agriculture, farmers, can not simply be regarded as a sales channel for agricultural products, but also should become a new knowledge, open up thinking, reengineering the process of comprehensive reform.

through the involvement of the network, not only can narrow the information gap between city and countryside, eliminate the digital divide, enhance the development potential, and can make use of the network economy for standardization, the requirements of large-scale production, promote standardization system, speed up the building of advantageous industries with regional characteristics. Only on the network economy has a profound understanding, in accordance with the standard of network era on the "three rural" reconstruction, strengthen and enhance the development of the Internet business, just talk to go to water drains into the well-off, villagers can synchronize on the information superhighway to.

is only 57% of the province’s logistics in rural areas, less than half of the villages to the Internet these weak rural infrastructure for Internet entrepreneurs set up the "threshold", we need to increase manpower investment, strengthen the basic service platform and Internet business online and offline infrastructure construction.

to further optimize the county level employment and social security services, recommended

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