Shops to create special services easier to move customers

shops are now aware of the importance of the service, in the daily operation of the process also attaches importance to this aspect. However, even the service, there will be a lot of difference, relatively speaking, the characteristics of the service will undoubtedly be more sought after. My shop opened in the county’s larger residential areas – Yonghe uptown. District residents have nearly a thousand households, I shop next to the three different stores, supermarkets. How in the case of a number of shops competition, to play their own characteristics, so that customers recognize their shops? My approach is to treat customers as their loved ones, to contribute to the community".

some people say that the community can do a good job of service shops to win customers, this is not false. But the community store to do a good job of service is not easy, because the quality of the residents of the district varies greatly, the economic conditions are different, different mentality, the store’s service requirements are also very different. In this case, I first of all when the customer as a loved one, and the relationship between the community and the community. As the saying goes: "a distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor". It is important for the community to get along well with each other.

in the District store only when the customer as a family to treat, in order to really think for the sake of customers, the store as a part of community management. Because my shop is close to the living quarters, I am very careful not to affect their lives because of their own business activities. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the music is not loud, and the residents do not make annoying noise during the rest time. In this way, the community has made a good impression.

secondly, I from the customer’s point of view, to provide them with a caring service. I bought two mini charging pile, free of charge for residents in the area of electric vehicle charging. As long as the customer to charge, I will let them lock the electric car, to help them charge electricity, so they do it again. At the same time, I am also in front of the store with a sign to remind customers: where the family needs to buy goods, regardless of wind and rain, as long as a phone call, I will be within ten minutes of fast delivery.

I am free of charge for district residents throughout the year to express delivery, has never been lost or take the wrong phenomenon, only this point, let the residents of the district I looked up. In order to meet the needs of different customers, according to the specific circumstances of the residents of the community, the rational organization of supply. Commodity prices ranging from high to low. In this way, the corresponding increase in the depth of the daily necessities of the family, so that residents can buy all the goods needed in their own home life.

at the same time, I also pay attention to the diversification of sales of vegetables, improve freshness, in order to attract the attention of picky housewives, so that they have a strong desire to buy. Taking into account the family income of the residents of the lower case, I also launched commodity prices every day, so that really special, really cheap, so that customers benefit.

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