The hotel owner diverted online selling straw gains gratifying


80 is the main force of entrepreneurial teams, many 80 have devoted themselves to the business market, this is not, this guy was just 80 from the hotel owner to do online business to business, or do business innovation.

80 this big boy, with a face of peers face does not see more stable and capable. "More than three months to start a successful business." This is Li Wentao, President of Shouguang City electricity supplier association.

Liu Wei’s office is located in the 3 floor incubation center, more than and 40 square, placed 8 desks. Before, he worked in his own office. "There’s more entrepreneurial sense here." Liu Wei said, here rent free, free water and electricity, the government provided free warehouse, can also learn to exchange free bag can be settled". He admitted that such a policy to help him a lot, a year can save a lot of money". Moreover, here, supply, carton packaging, printing, on behalf of the operator, art director, training and learning, warehousing, logistics, etc..

1983 was born in Liu Wei, graduated from Shandong University of Technology, after graduation, he worked in a company in Zibo, although the work is still stable, but the heart has always been a dream". With the support of his parents, Liu Wei quit his job. In 2012, he opened a restaurant in Shouguang, in 2014, in Weifang’s most prosperous lot opened a more than and 100 square meters of Chinese restaurant. "Eating shop competition is too intense, although a year can earn more than ten million, but most of the profits are paid rent." Liu Wei think the hotel industry is not good.

know president Shouguang City Electricity Association Li Wentao, Liu Wei that electricity providers have a brilliant future. "At that time, Shouguang City government free training, once a week, organized more than a dozen times," fortunately, Liu Wei became the first student.

"although usually bought something online, but to sell things online, absolutely ignorant of." In December 2014, Liu Wei applied for a Taobao shop, using a computer to start their own entrepreneurial path. Taobao store only received 1000 yuan deposit. If you don’t do it, you can return it." Liu Wei told reporters that the use of Taobao’s existing mode, put the straw photos, please help me modify art, attach text to the web.

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