Ten years leisurely began the transition to entrepreneurs to UTS investors

business is a groping forward, no time will never know what the outcome is, founder of Lee himself leisurely generation Hill ten years of hard work results to UTS, said don’t want to touch the tourism business, began the transition to entrepreneur + investors.

after marriage and UTS, founder of Li Daishan chose to completely withdraw from the leisurely. After ten years of entrepreneurship, Li Daishan believes that tourism is not suitable for entrepreneurs. His new identity is entrepreneurs + investors, hoping to re export their ten years of entrepreneurial experience".

from 2005 create a leisurely travel to Uzai.com, now retreats, leisurely network founder Li Daishan gave himself a passing grade.

"is not very successful, but fortunately, this is Li Daishan for an evaluation of their ten year course of development. Now, the leisurely network Uzai.com shares sold to listed companies UTour Li Daishan, has successfully landed the exit, walk all the course of a business.

now, holding the funds in his stronghold of Shanghai, has been the scene of mobile Internet + offline investment projects, such as bar, coffee and other line formats, as well as network television, network IP, as well as a social App, began the transition to entrepreneur + investors.

"the tourism industry is more and more monopoly, capital resource, the emerging entrepreneurial opportunities are not many. So I don’t care much about entrepreneurship and investment." Li Daishan, of TBO (tourism business observation) that said, "however, ten years of online travel business experience, and from this pit successfully jumped out, can still give a lot of entrepreneurs to provide valuable advice".

is not familiar with the history of the development of online tourism may not know, leisurely is the oldest of the tours made profit model website, is also the first to try the online travel OTA line stores.

At the time

Unfortunately, leisurely and no

The first line

leisurely experience store opened in July 2011 in Shanghai, then the country fall more than a dozen stores, yet at the time it is recommended.

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