Li Xiwen give up working to think about planting flowers to make money

with the influx of countless people in the big cities, the country now has fewer and fewer people, more people choose to work in the city. However, Li Xiwen, the hero of this article, chose to return home to start a business, relying on planting flowers to make big profits.

flower seedling industry is an emerging industry, in recent years, farmers in the adjustment of industrial structure is the most active industry, urban and rural green landscaping, to achieve efficient ecological industry of harmony between man and nature, very broad prospects for development.

especially some precious flowers such as roses, orchids, peony, wintersweet, delivery is not high, technology is not complicated, the planting benefit is not low. Available in rural areas to make full use of existing farmland and manpower, income is not high.

give up working to return home to grow high-end flowers

"all these years, I have been working in Guangdong, Shenzhen City, lived a life that feeling only leave the hometown, I myself know", the 26 year old Hubei Daye Da Ji Pu Zhen Xiao Ji Pu Cun 85 after guy Li Xiwen said, in fact, he always wanted to take a wife to do poineering work independently, but it has not find what good way to get rich, he thought to just think about it, did not dare to act rashly".

Lee gave Li Xiwen one of the Bay, is one of their childhood friends. These years, Li Mingfu has been in Daye flower market to engage in wholesale business of flowers — according to different seasons, from Yunnan to Kunming, Beijing and other places of air back some good sales of flowers, some florist and then sold to Daye, make some difference between.

"before 6 dollars bought flowers, pour me a hand up $2. Now just a few cents seedling, isometric shape can sell a net profit of 5 yuan. Why not?" This Spring Festival, Li Mingfu called Li Xiwen and told him the good news.

I was enchanted, decided to go home with him to engage in flower planting." Li Xiwen recalled that in March this year, he invested about 400000 yuan to build his flower base. He chose a piece of wasteland next to the East ecological park, more than and 20 acres of land, according to the price of one year from 400 yuan / mu from the hands of the villagers came over, then also built a large steel shed in the 45. The beginning of May, after planting Gerbera, lily, rose, Huang Ying and other 4 kinds of high-end flowers, dozens of varieties.

look hard to do industry

although Li Xiwen grew up in love to grow flowers and grass, but for planting greenhouses, he is a layman". At that time what do not understand, do not know how to cover the shed." Li Xiwen said, so learn to build the greenhouses, farmers can be used to grow vegetables, flowers have to be refined. So the recommended

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