f you have a business idea then you should do it

the idea of a lot of entrepreneurship, but some people through hard work, so that the idea of entrepreneurship gold, and some people are ignored, the last idea did not know when to disappear. When you want to check whether a business idea for go on, some methods have obvious defects, some under certain conditions, more practical, there are also some methods, if you can master some skills or resources, it will be very useful. However, there is a verification method of seemingly tested, that is to communicate with your market.

, a test method of

1, a good friend of research

2, quickly build a complete product

two, according to the actual environmental testing method

1, relying on the user group

can through the blog or e-mail subscription service to construct a user group. It would be a good idea if you want a Create Company in a particular industry or want to get a better understanding of the market in which you live. If you are a founder without a technical background, use this method to validate the concept.

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