Jiangxi Huang Mao Wanzai County town to carry out training for disabled entrepreneurs

now in the whole society, some disabled people’s life and employment should be paid close attention to by people, and now many places in order to encourage and help some disabled people to change the life of the state, give them a lot of good entrepreneurial skills training.

"town giving skills training assistance of great help to me, no training, I basically impossible to achieve employment, not to mention business." Jiangxi Province Huang Mao Zhen Lu Xia Cun, Wanzai County disabled Ding Kun said. It is understood that this year, 42 year old Ding Kun due to polio lead to leg disability, action inconvenience, physical strength is very limited.

in the town’s assistance, Ding Kun participated in the "electrical maintenance + entrepreneurship training package type training class and realize the entrepreneurial dream. Now, he is in the town of electrical repair shop business is very good. He said: "my last month’s net income of more than 3500, which in the past did not want to think."


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