The shop girl smug morphed into CEO without wasting strengths

play their strengths to entrepreneurship, is not a shortcut to get rich. Do you know what the boss is? Online shopping is becoming more and more popular today, the network hemp beans (model, the model’s homophonic) also came into being.

2007, is still doing financial work on small V see open shop a news on TV, in order to buy clothes and always moonlight small V immediately moved up, that if he also opened a shop will be able to solve the predicament of their own. So little V himself did not expect that, and now she and her husband have already quit a very good job, as hard as a shop, the store is no longer a way to solve the food and clothing, but the starting point of the road to entrepreneurship.

now shop is rising stage, the face let reporters the envy of hundreds of thousands of monthly income, small V is not satisfied, she said,   have to let go to further development.

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