Tongling guide funds to support young entrepreneurs

young entrepreneurs have become the main crowd, entrepreneurship in today’s society at the same time, the society also appeared a lot of different young entrepreneurs, all are actively pushing young entrepreneurial activities.

to ensure youth entrepreneurship guidance funds as soon as possible operation, the Tongling Municipal Finance employment through the integration of 5 million yuan of funds, and guide funds be allocated to the provincial youth entrepreneurship fund trustee business unit – Tongling economic and Technological Development Zone, to support youth entrepreneurship.

it is reported that the provincial youth entrepreneurship fund by the provincial finance and finance pilot city according to a certain proportion, to set up a common mode of operation by the provincial Commission pilot areas in accordance with the market, all kinds of urban and rural youth entrepreneurship support under the age of 45 to meet the requirements of the entrepreneurial intention and certain conditions. Guide funds to enlarge the requirements of 5 times, including the way to support the initial venture capital, venture development loans, equity investments, etc..


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