Personalized shop recommended female entrepreneurs

there are a lot of girls are active in the venture on the road, and also began to become a hobby for female entrepreneurs, especially some shops, some characteristics of the store is often the majority of women entrepreneurs love.

One of the

the profit index: you can feel you can feel

I selected access point in a cinema. Most of the posters in my gallery are classic story films, such as Malone? Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire" in the gallery of stills, filled with passion, dream and longing, lingering color.

opening soon, fixed customers my gallery is to attract a large number of love, each gallery, they with great interest and enjoy a movie poster, before leaving, often with some pictures back zone. Now, more and more people have accepted me and my gallery. Two years ago, the creation of 200 thousand yuan investment in the gallery has been a huge return. Is currently preparing to open stores in a development zone, there are tens of thousands of California and college students, will be a huge potential market.


, you can feel the profit index

I am very

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