Some products added antioxidants by blasting xufuji

is a big brand in the domestic snack food industry. It is a giant in the domestic snack food industry. It is loved by many consumers and has a deep love for  ! But recently, Shenzhen Futian District Court concluded the case before the date of  , identified; mango cakes and sesame crisp ShaQima xufuji prescribed by the State shall not contain the cake or candy food Tim   and antioxidants. What the hell is going on? Let’s get together!

I understand from the judgment documents, in August 28th this year, Guangdong consumers in Shenzhen carrefour commercial Co.,   company purchased three xufuji food, which is a mango cake, the production date of July 18, 2012; the other is   sesame crisp Sha Qi Ma, net content of 35 grams, date of production there is a flower for July 22, 2012;   raw crunchy candy, the production date of January 12, 2012.

the consumers said it was found in the purchase of food, the food is xufuji illegal food additives added to   in the food problem, Hsu Fu Chi label, the label contains food additives TBHQ, BHT. The root of   according to the national standards GB2760 regulations, Ding Ji p-Benzenediol ("TBHQ") and Ding Ji two hydroxy toluene   (BHT) the two kinds of food additives can not be added to the cake or candy food, "TBHQ and BHT   in food additive antioxidant, can prevent or delay oil or food ingredients to oxidative decomposition and deterioration, improve the stability of   food substances. In accordance with the Ministry of health and health administration complex [2012]2139 "Government Information Disclosure Notice",   these two kinds of food additives can not be added to the cake or candy foods."

then the consumer to Shenzhen Futian court xufuji Carrefour, two companies, declared "Carrefour sales   substandard products constitute fraud", also refers to the production of substandard food xufuji v..

11 5, the court held a public hearing of the case.

the author yesterday from Shenzhen Futian court verdict, the court ultimately found that Carrefour sales do not meet the requirements of   food constitutes fraud.

for Hsu Fu Chi products involved, the court held that the Dongguan Bureau of quality supervision insufficient to prove that the product is not straight Hsu Fu Chi   by using TBHQ and BHT, and even if these two kinds of food additives as raw materials, and artificially added, also against   the "food Safety Law" the relevant provisions of the food and food additives and the labels and instructions contained in the content does not match the &nb>

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