Three key points that need attention in the growing stage

every enterprise must go through a stage of growth, in order to enter the stable development track, in the growth stage of the enterprise need to pay attention to the 3 aspects, here Xiaobian and share with you.

The first one is the normalized


normalization is not in our factory, because all of us grow hundred of our factory has been great, our hardware is perfect, including the system, our factory is very good, but I would like to remind our real normalization is our team’s formal, you have a formal occupation team managers, what are you doing with the rest of the world, the economic team you our survey found that 90% of our growth enterprises are family enterprises, how to make your occupation managers with your family team handle the harmonious relationship, this is a little. The real normalization is the normalization of our people.

The next step is the internationalization of


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