Profit analysis and advantages of dry cleaners

Many people know that

is on the dry cleaners to wash clothes to make money, but many people will question: who has no washing machine, a dry cleaning shop to make money? Will give you an analysis to open a dry cleaning shop is good here.

1, the fierce social competition, resulting in people’s work and life rhythm speeding up, the time is effective, time is money, time is life, has become the consensus of the people, so the washing speed also should be accelerated, the poor condition of the traditional laundry has been incapable of action. The degree of industrialization in the world is increasing, which aggravates the deterioration of the earth’s environment and has a direct impact on human health.

2, while enjoying the material abundance at the same time, people also pay more attention to the quality of spiritual life, always hope to get an impeccable, reassure them desired service; service to avoid poor reputation, no security, no at any time may be violated, so as not to spend money on anger, and tend to be skilled, safe and comfortable, durable service brand reputation, consumer awareness, self-protection awareness, brand awareness is strong even dry cleaning franchise.

3, due to the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more development of economy, the improvement of social civilization, especially the people business, business people increasingly high demands on the quality of laundry, coupled with the reform and opening up, commodity circulation convenient, people enjoy the clothing fabric have been renovated, so the washing technical requirements are also more and more strong, the old laundry washing equipment or technology are both very backward and careless, obviously insufficient.

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