Xi’an plans to use 3 years to establish a business incubator base 50

The establishment of

business incubator for entrepreneurial activities in the development of the whole society has a good supporting role, especially in such an era of entrepreneurship in Shaanxi, Xi’an plans to build 50 business incubators in the next three years.

Under the same conditions

"opinions" pointed out, adhere to the implementation of the strategy of employment priority to urban employment, the survey unemployment rate as an important indicator of macroeconomic regulation and control, into the national economic and social development planning and annual plan. Establish evaluation mechanism of public investment and construction of major projects to promote employment, to give priority to job creation and job quality good projects under the same conditions, increase capital investment, employment and entrepreneurship to employment according to the working conditions in the fiscal budget arrange full employment related funds.

coordinated assessment mechanism. The employment and entrepreneurship work into the target responsibility assessment, strengthen job scheduling, the implementation of the target responsibility. The municipal government each year to promote employment and entrepreneurship in the work of outstanding contributions to the units and individuals to give recognition and reward.

venture to promote employment in the field of electronic commerce   to encourage employment and entrepreneurship

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