Henan college students how to apply for tax incentives

college students can get a number of entrepreneurial support, including venture capital support, business tax incentives, public service channels, etc.. But many students do not know how to apply for business tax concessions, today, Henan, for example, to teach you how to apply for a discount.

How can we enjoy the business support entrepreneurship

notification requirements, employment certificate issued object refers to the students during the school business college. The application of the principle of voluntary application, school audit, and hierarchical management. Where the province’s major colleges and universities students engaged in self-employed, with relevant materials to apply for employment permits, and holders of tax incentives to enjoy preferential policies. Student application materials include: Employment license application form the original and a copy of my ID card, student card copy, two inch photos 2.

with the processing properties of the service type business enterprises, enterprises and employment service enterprises in the processing enterprises and communities of small business entities, in new posts in the year with new tactics to hold employment certificate of personnel, with the signing of more than 1 years duration of the labor contract and pay social insurance premiums, in 3 years according to the actual number of recruits to be fixed in order to deduct business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, local education surcharge and preferential enterprise income tax. The standard is 4000 yuan per person per year, up to a maximum of up to 30%.

note that entrepreneurship is not easy, even if there is a lot of helping policy is not 100% to help a project success. Ultimately depends on the entrepreneur’s own reliable business strategy and hard work, in order to achieve entrepreneurial dream.

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