Share 90 students campus wealth case

Changes in the

era to the students on campus have become entrepreneurs, as long as good at mining opportunities, you can start your business trip in the school, today we have to know a business success in school university students.

a bunt, "Polo shirt + shorts, wearing big sunglasses back in the back of the head. Shuoboliandu East China University of Science and Technology student Zhou Yuankai day before go to school, as a guest in a guest salon.


5 section of entrepreneurial experience, the two companies operating in 46 days to raise about 20000000 yuan…… The "90" is still a PhD, has become a campus popular "entrepreneurial small gods", students called him A Kai".

3 years ago, mindfulness third Kai, Chuaizhe business plan for the first time to participate in the "Challenge Cup" competition, winning the silver, into the country, the final harvest of the national silver medal. Second years, Kai three went to Beijing to study 37 prefecture level cities, 180 counties and cities around, getting 580 copies of the survey sample, the water resources protection project competition again, but still won the silver medal.

Kai not only for the project itself under the foot, the commercial promotion planning is riveting enough strength. The gold medal dream finally came true, and the students gave him a nickname – "Wednesday".

when the "double enterprise" business

Why don’t

"the plan of entrepreneurship implement?" After the game, Kai thought. After consultation with the Avengers alliance, everyone in the hearts of the creation of the bud.

in March this year, Shanghai and dimensional Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. was formally established, the main products is "Challenge Cup Zhaijin sensor". Once pushed to the market, it was a professional praise, the company’s commitment to the order of the company has reached 3 million yuan.

The second companies in the

"double enterprise" mode, is also a byproduct of the "Challenge Cup". Originally, Kai in the first "Challenge Cup" award after the school became the "Challenge Cup" tournament teacher responsible for guiding students participating in entrepreneurship. Half a year ago, Kai >

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