Open convenience food stores to do a few things which


entrepreneurs, in the choice of when projects are very cautious, as the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, if related to this business is very good, the needs of the people, is worth the attention of entrepreneurs, now there are a lot of people at the people’s food basket, convenience food stores in the vicinity of the community. Convenience food stores is convenient for the residents to buy food, but also with their own pocketbook, really good shooting two birds with one stone. But in the shop, we have to do the following things.

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due to the surrounding crowd may be the best choice in the newly built residential area inside or on the edge, in time to seize the information, timely location. Area of 10 square meters or more, not too small.


time: open shop but tiring work, about 7 is sales peak, many housewives will be there early to pick fresh vegetables. From the time to consider the purchase of the slightest careless, preferably at around three or four in the morning.

location: to ensure good supply, Beijing has a number of large wholesale market for reference, Daxing District, Fengtai District xinfade and yuegezhuang Shibalidian, Haidian District Dazhongsi, Tongzhou District agricultural products wholesale market, Changping District Shuitun etc..

: the master line of the stock market price, a good grasp of all kinds of vegetables in season price, fixed price and floating price.


if you rent a car, you have to consider the type of car, tonnage and fuel consumption. Choose one of the least traffic jams and save all the time you can save. A few other collective purchase is also a good choice, which can reduce the cost of purchase.

in the area near the opening if such a store is very good, the market demand is relatively large, can be profitable, if you are a careful person, you will find a lot of places with food stores, not only the market, also near the community. Therefore, it is difficult to open shop to do business, need to have the operating characteristics and business advantages of their own, in order to win the market competition. These things need to be properly arranged.

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