How to prevent the crime of courier express through strengthening supervision of Zhengzhou

with the online shopping has become a basic mode of consumption, for our lives to provide a great convenience, but also some people use online shopping in the Express link crime. In November 10th, Zhengzhou city comprehensive management office, the Public Security Bureau, Transportation Commission, Postal Administration jointly held in Zhengzhou city logistics delivery safety management and registration inspection as the information technology to promote the work, the city’s more than 300 business people in charge of logistics delivery. How to prevent crime by courier? Zhengzhou to strengthen the supervision of courier!

the meeting stressed that the city of Zhengzhou will strengthen the safety management of logistics delivery enterprises and fully implement the delivery of goods, real acceptance, open package visual inspection, X ray examination "three 100%, to further promote the logistics delivery channels for registration as the inspection information work of mobilization, deployment.

logistics express enterprise inspection system installed and run

reporter learned from the meeting, there are currently more than 900 enterprises, delivery logistics enterprises more than 1000 provincial capital Zhengzhou, with the rapid development of Internet, Internet economy and criminal activities have become increasingly intelligent and diversified security practice, the use of logistics delivery of illegal and criminal acts have occurred. This year, the Provincial Public Security Bureau in Zhengzhou has been listed as the logistics delivery channels as the inspection information registration pilot work, safety management and the full implementation of the industry, to eliminate all kinds of illegal crime hazards.

will read this year introduced the "Zhengzhou City comprehensively promote the logistics delivery channels for registration information visual inspection work program", makes clear the responsibilities of relevant departments and promote the time node. According to reports, since October this year, for the plug of logistics delivery of enterprise security management loopholes in the compressed space, crime, protect people’s lives and property safety.

Zhengzhou within the city launched a comprehensive logistics delivery channels for registration as the inspection requirements of the informatization construction, all enterprises in the daily logistics delivery acceptance work, to send a personnel identity information inspection and special information acquisition equipment acquisition, upload the sender’s identity information, and carefully check mail items. Meeting the requirements by the end of December 20th this year, the city’s various related logistics delivery business registration inspection information application system to be installed in place, and start running.

banned goods will still be sent to collect criminal responsibility

Zhengzhou police said at the meeting, next to the public security organ will resolutely crack down on illegal activities exist in the industry of logistics delivery. There are security risks of logistics delivery business, the public security organs shall order rectification and impose a warning; enterprises overdue rectification, and the citizen caused by personal injury, loss of public or private property, or a serious threat to the safety of citizens, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, shall be punished for the enterprise and related personnel.

of criminals to the logistics delivery enterprises recommended

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