Nanjing to carry out the land of steel inventory work out products safety

in our life, although the effective recycling of waste, can effectively promote the recycling of resources, but if the improper measures taken, no doubt the quality of the product will have security risks. Nanjing municipal government held a special meeting to convey the province’s iron and steel industry to production and land of steel "rectification work meeting requirements, carry out the deployment of combat" land of steel and iron and steel production capacity to investigate illegal in the city. Each area immediately launched the "land of steel production enterprises carpet inventory, and through the media published reports of phone.

According to the December 1st

news, "steel" refers to the iron and steel scrap as raw material, after induction furnace melting, can not effectively carry out the ingredients and quality control of steel production and the raw materials are rolled steel products, its diameter and tensile strength were not consistent with the national standards, there are serious quality problems.

according to the 155th executive meeting of the State Council, the State Council investigation team composed of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources, Ministry of environmental protection departments recently went to Jiangsu Province on land of steel production enterprises, illegal production and regulation to carry out on-the-spot investigation, survey found that there are still illegal steel production capacity.

Iron and steel industry in the province held on 28

11 to the capacity and land of steel "rectification work meeting the requirements of the province to carry out the" steel "Mocha, for all production enterprises, in accordance with the December 15th total blackout in water, completely destroyed the production equipment, clean workshop, complete the production of raw materials, products confiscated confiscated completely" five complete requirements of regulation in place.

Nanjing to carry out the "land of steel inventory work, eliminate security risks, to better protect the quality of steel products, and further promote the sound and rapid economic development. Yesterday’s meeting the requirements of each zone (Park), related units, streets and other departments will immediately organized the "land of steel carpet inventory, the inventory found in the production enterprise registration form" one by one, the Nanjing city land of steel production enterprises submitted to the municipal government commitment inventory ".

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