What are the preparatory work to do

entrepreneurial process is not easy. Only pay is likely to have a return, when the business is ready to do a good job, only ready to do a good job in order to have a better follow-up development, preparation and process are long. As the saying goes, modaobuwukanchaigong, have a good preparation, even more important than the process.

1. learning

by learning a skill at work, one can be, it learned. Once you are free, you have no time to study.

2. relation

not wide, designed to. Take a field, do one industry overall, accumulate more than help you make money, instead of helping you to spend money; also depends on an organization, today by personal relationship is difficult to accumulate, there is a background (units and institutions) to support you, you have good interpersonal relationship accumulation.

3. save

earners at this stage you should learn, in order to improve a skill you; then change, change your way of thinking and behavior patterns, to adapt to the others, the accumulation of your relationships, your experience is. The main task of this stage is to accumulate.


second, mental preparation



fourth, funds ready

either big or small trading business, requires a certain amount of start-up capital required for the purchase of goods. If the lack of funds, can start from the small business, and accumulated a certain amount of money after bigger, also can borrow from banks or friends and relatives, but also can be used in the form of shares Jina funds no money is to do the.

knowledge management

sixth, the interpersonal relationship for

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