The secret of 80 tells you the sand entrepreneurial success

in recent years, many young people are among the ranks of entrepreneurship, successful cases abound. Today, reporters to 80 boys Qi Chuang, he tells you the sand business success tips, here we take a look at.

on the glass plate pour about half a catty of sand, the sand paved by hand. Then, with the thumb on the glass plate with arbitrarily few, 40 seconds, a pleasant mountain landscape will be presented, again blowing sand, again with landscape painting, the twinkling of an eye and transform into my sweet.

"my hands are brushes, paint is the sand in my hands." 5, the reporter saw the 27 year old Baicheng man Qi Chuang, he showed his sand technology to reporters.

used sand sand golden color, gently picked up a handful of scattered, soon. These sands are ordered on the Internet, 100 yuan per kilogram, the sand produced in Hainan, are after decades of screening, washing the characteristics of the." Qi Chuang said.

"the most difficult step is the pinch of sand sand, sand sand sprinkling, particularly fine, pinch when must grasp the suitable intensity, sprinkle sand process should control the speed that spill out of the quicksand, the average natural sand." Qi Chuang Bian demonstration, told reporters.

"what customers need, I will show what kind of sand, then the entire process with DV shot down, and then send video clips into each other, business is good." Qi Chuang said, from the beginning of 2012, he used sand painting business, income is very considerable.

"every single income of 800 yuan a month can have up to more than and 20. If you need to live performances, the charges can be doubled at least." Talk about sand income, Qi Chuang did not disguise.

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