Guy back home to buy a car and buy a house

with the development of science and technology, the popularity of the Internet, our life in all aspects cannot do without the Internet, the Internet is also a lot of ways to make money, today we say is a successful example of such Internet build up the family fortunes the boys, the 80 young man quit a very high wage original work back home their own chickens, now buy a house and car.

graduation resignation of entrepreneurship

I am now on the Internet sales of more than 160 thousand a month, this year’s sales are expected to approach $10 million." He micro confidence revealed. He was born in Linxiang, he graduated from Hunan Normal University in 2004, economic management. Now he is the boss of a business, soil ecological chicken business "". Every night, he began to tidy up the day received orders. The second day early in the morning to get up, according to the order to kill a chicken, then wrapped in sterile vacuum cold fresh packaging, waiting for the express company to, if all goes well, the fastest 10 hours to get to the hands of the people.

and 5 years ago, he was an employee. After graduation, I worked in a company in Changsha for nearly ten years." He is very proud of his first job. He used his wages, but also bought a suite in Changsha.

but this day nine to five, from time to time to work overtime, he did not like micro. After the Spring Festival in 2011, he resigned from a stable job, returned to his hometown of Linxiang, decided to start their own business. Why don’t you do a good job?" The resignation of his son to return to steady work in Linxiang, Ho’s father is not very understanding. But no matter how to persuade, try to start what micro not listen to.

The cost of

four people eat Tuhuo

was born in the town of Dongfengcun ho group baiyangtian where micro, once with his girlfriend back home to visit relatives in the village, the old man took normally reluctant to eat things for them. "The old people kill chicken and ducks, fried egg soil, soil pork stew, which are in the city Changsha simply not to eat anything, my mind, why rural areas have such a good thing to leave?" What micro inspiration, thought of using three-dimensional culture advocated by the government, home to the development of forest economy, low hills can not only develop the home, can return home, local employment, home reunion "popularity" and "wealth".

marketing was born where micro, immediately start the market research, he found that Yueyang many local people, are advocating eating native products, especially love to eat chicken, egg and soil, but these people don’t know where to buy authentic products. "This is an opportunity." What micro move business mind selling chicken. He found his hometown of Yunshan, not only the natural landscape gorgeous scene, local farmers farming there is a fine tradition: recommend