Car beauty shop must focus on integrity management

The number of

cars increased gradually, unlimited auto beauty market potential, so many novice entrepreneurs have opened a car beauty shop, store business and want to quickly fire up, the biggest trick is to be honest.

investment advice

1. car beauty shop overall risk is not the largest, is the loss of the shop rent, Limited workers wages and little inventory." The main reason for the failure of the beauty of the car is the "business" and "looking for business," the difference between passive waiting and aggressive, winning or losing is self-evident."

2., the store’s location is very important, preferably in the transportation hub, or a car dealership, car spare parts center and gas station, in addition, the station, parking lot, residential areas are richly endowed by nature place, this will ensure that in the lower level of the early start, through business number the advantage to complete the primitive accumulation of capital.

3. shops adjacent to the best peers in business, to produce a population effect.

4. business integrity is the most important, the most reasonable profit."

investment experience

the first single business to earn 30 yuan

"at that time few private cars, even the bus is not much, so to the store car decoration is not much." Mr. Wu said, fortunately, there were few car decoration shop on the street, so the business is still too.

"shop, received the first single business is to give a new car with the sun when the sun film film, the price is 88 yuan, he also successfully netted 30 yuan." Wu told reporters that at that time the technology and products are not advanced now, some of the quality of raw materials used for car decoration is the level of 80s, so the price is not high, make money is also very little.

10 years to develop into large

that Mr. Wu has more opportunities, "I introduced about 3000 kinds of car decoration products, to meet the needs of different consumers." According to reports, the car decoration products market profits are also growing: a film of the sun, there are more than and 100 dollars in the price of high-grade, there are 5 to $6 thousand, the higher the price to earn more."

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