80 young people focus on the research of Hefei folk

the Chinese nation has a history of five thousand years of civilization, in the long history of the past, left us with a wealth of national treasures, folk culture more and more attention, but also a lot of folklore researchers. Xiao cold is one of them, he is keen to study the customs of Hefei, as well as urban geography.

said that the study of folklore, it seems that the image of the older scholars. But now, like Hefei local life stories of young people more and more, as 80 after Xiao Han is one of the more representative color.

2007, Xiao Han from the field back to the hometown of Hefei, began to study in the local chronicles of Hefei and city geography, in the ordinary alleys between the city of Hefei for the past, come into contact with the local and city geography many folk folk culture, gradually love this life and close to the body and mind.

said: "I am a native of Hefei, want to know more about their hometown, also want to let more people know the city of Hefei."

talked about these years focused on the excavation and research of Hefei folk, his understanding of the home can be used to contain the opening of the word to summarize.

Hefei is an immigrant city since ancient times, is located between the north and the south, the traffic extends in all directions, thus formed an open city character. Hefei has Chaohu, hundred-percent is the land of plenty, fertile soil and water conservation, no worries about food and drink. In such an environment, life of the people of Hefei is "a little bit" mentality, for the stranger came to Hefei is the sincere enthusiasm, inclusive.

is now engaged in local literature and folklore and folk studies are not in the minority, but the age of Xiao Xiao, who is an independent research is very few. As the Anhui Folklore Society teacher evaluation: Xiao cold, although it does not belong to any university or research institutions, but he is the real Hefei folk study on the road alone."


nearly ten years, Xiao cold running in the vast urban and rural land in Hefei, mining those little-known or even spread a long time of folklore and stories. Which encountered historical data access restricted, message circulation occlusion, consume a lot of manpower and other difficulties, but Xiao cold has not stopped the footsteps, but one into another naturally or half unconsciously between faint and wonderful world: folk culture rich, for Xiao Han, can not return and happiness within. It is often a plunge into the experience of all kinds of interest and fun, not only excavated a lot of research value of Hefei folk stories, but also accumulated a lot of research experience.

now, he has a better recommendation for Hefei

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