A lifelong motto

the following business motto is derived from the mouth of those who are successful entrepreneurs, I hope you can learn from the mouth of some of their entrepreneurial experience, effective and reasonable application of your own entrepreneurial life path.

1, the enterprise that person – the God of Japanese business Konosuke Matsushita

2, the company’s largest asset is the people – the God of Japanese business Konosuke Matsushita

3, the employer is not how to reduce people’s weaknesses, but rather how to play the strengths of people – famous management scientist Peter,,

4, effective managers are good at employing people – famous management scientist Peter.

5, the creator of the first creation – the God of Japanese management Konosuke Matsushita

6, staff training is the smallest risk of enterprise, the most profitable strategic investment – the famous professor of business management Warren. Tony

Expert Dr.

7, a brilliant idea to please, please call a cheap and charlatans – management scholar James. Collins

8, a company to develop rapidly to hire talented people, especially the need for smart people – the world’s richest man Bill. Gates

9, the 20 of our top talent, then I tell you, Microsoft will become an insignificant company – the world’s richest man Bill,,

10, the right person to get on the bus, inappropriate people please get off – management scholar James.

11, talent is the highest profit goods, able to manage the talent of the enterprise is the ultimate winner – Lenovo Group President Liu Chuanzhi

12, quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty – General Electric Company President Jack.,

13, twentieth Century is the century of productivity, twenty-first Century is the century of quality – the famous American quality management scientist Joseph. Dr.

14, the quality of the product, not 100 points is the 0 – Japan’s God of operation Konosuke Matsushita

15, the world does not have a poor quality, affordable products can survive for long – ASUS general manager Xu Shiming

16, quality equal to profit – management thinker Tom.

17, the yield is scheduled to be 85%, then it will allow the existence of errors of 15% – quality management guru Philip,,

18, product quality is produced, not tested out – the United States quality management guru William. Dr. Deming’s success depends on the team, rather than relying on personal

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