2013 summer start a good choice to open a fresh beer house

brewed beer taste more mellow, more attractive, so very popular. The original hot summer, beer is the first choice of countless people, so in the summer of 2013, open a fresh brew beer house, will be able to make a big profit.

Capital investment and benefit of

The house is to do pre publicity work on fresh beer

Run "characteristics of summer water" new market opportunities analysis on the characteristics of the main business of water is a specialty beverage shop, the store does not require a large, should have their own characteristics. Busy day people came to the store, you can enjoy the scenery while tasting delicious.

money into boiling water it does not need large facade, 20 square meters to 30 square meters can be, but decorate inside should be fine. Equipment: soda machine 5, accounting for 2000 yuan. 5 sets of tables and chairs, a number of disposable paper cups, all kinds of fruit juice concentrate of 10 bottles, a total of $2200.

economic benefits per cup of soda for the cost of 0.25 yuan, the retail price of 1.5 yuan, two people every day to do a thousand soda cup, 200 cups per day of sales, profit 1.25=250 yuan every day 200×. Remove the wages and raw material costs, net profit per day in more than 180 yuan, a year from 3 to October is the peak season, 7 months and 30 days of × × 180 yuan =37800 yuan.


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