13 year old business ideas small venture to make ten million

what do we think we’re 13 years old? Most of the answers are in the study, in the play, but a 13 year old child is on the road of entrepreneurship and success.

13 year old child can make what kind of business, small business business really will be successful, the key in the small business opportunities in business tips, small business entrepreneurial story this is a real case, his entrepreneurial experience will bring more favorable knowledge to you, avoid detours in the business in the process, go on the road to success.

13 year old businessman

1995 years, 20 year old Zhang Jiangong out of college. He did not choose to stay in the city, but returned to his hometown in Shanxi, Fanshi, a town when the Communist Youth League secretary. He said: "at that time, only to choose the grassroots exercise their own, in order to be able to do one day"

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