Returnees are aimed at making quick money all the luxury market

with the development of economy, the luxury market continues to grow, many business entrepreneurs choose luxury, in business when you need to pay attention to many problems, the following small series will introduce some fashion returnees aimed at targeting the fast money market for luxury goods business stories for you, hope that successful business entrepreneurs to help.

according to the relevant statistics show that in the Chinese luxury consumer groups, light luxury consumption accounted for about 35%, and the rapid rise. Department stores in the mall, light luxury consumer enthusiasm is higher than the first line of 25%. At present, the "light luxury" from the concept to the reality, from the price to the design, compared with luxury, more widely penetrated into the high-income groups, but also to attract some of the lower income earners are emerging. Rising domestic per capita income, so that the goal of light luxury groups continue to increase.

Zhou Ting, President of the

Institute of quality of wealth, said that with the gradual growth of consumers and transparency of information, consumers began to pay attention to the purchase of luxury". As a part of China’s huge market, light luxury brand market potential can not be ignored.

grasp light luxury industry returnees have advantages

for luxury goods, with experience of studying overseas experience relatively deeper in the life experience and cultural meaning of foreign luxury behind the transplant to started with the level of domestic consumption of light luxury goods, have the advantage.

London senior Womens shirt brand "1/2 Eternity" (half eternal) founder Wu Yilei, said on their own design light luxury goods white shirt: "our shirt is whether the brand positioning is the overall style, are integrated into the British style, so the customer will produce a" fresh sense of distance "."

Zhang Yangzheng, vice president of

fashion media group strategy and career development believes that the entrepreneurial opportunities to meet the needs of the individual is coming, do fashion lifestyle entrepreneurship, overseas students have the advantage. This group of people are very good taste, have seen good things, but also overseas experience."

mining market potential to create light luxury brand

in fact, some returnees have turned this advantage into the actual brand creation, and success.

as a result of shopping around the supermarket are not able to buy the high quality towels, returnees to recognize the existence of domestic senior towel Market blank. So, she created a senior towel brand also YICASA, positioning high-end towel. Due to focus on product quality and technology, her products have absolute competitiveness, with the account of the monument has been very good. The United States and overseas returnees Pu Yi, was established in Beijing called "Rose recommended

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