Hot pot franchise 2016 list

2016 years will soon be over, the food and beverage industry in the hot pot project is still in swing. Do you want to invest in a hot pot restaurant in the new year? The investment Hot pot stores, before joining the analysis of industry brand rankings, to choose according to their own entrepreneurial reliable strength of the brand, so that we can get in the catering industry belongs to own a space for one person! Below, we talk about 2016 what delicious Hot pot shop brand alliance.

hot pot franchise 2016 list

1, little sheep

"little sheep to join Hot pot" will last for thousands of years with small material mutton slices cooked in hot pot food law, the reform of "new food with small material mutton slices cooked in hot pot". Bottom of the pot material with dozens of excellent nourishing condiment; mutton selected from pure natural pollution-free prairie Xilinguole June age "ujumqin sheep"; two Zhulianbihe, forming a "fresh meat, spicy taste, aftertaste, long Shabu soup is not short, meat is not old" has a strong national and cultural characteristics of the small restaurant in Mongolia sheep joined Hot pot brand.

2, Qin Ma hot pot

Chongqing Qin Ma food culture Co., Ltd. is to operate authentic Chongqing brand hot pot – "Qin mother old hot pot" as the main business of the famous food and beverage enterprises and condiment production, marketing enterprises. The chairman of the company under the leadership of Ms. Qin Yuanhong, operating since 1991 since the formation of the Hot pot, dressing style, unique service of advanced management mode and the famous "Ma Qin old Hot pot" brand, has become one of the leaders in Chongqing and the national Hot pot industry.

3, Tan head

"Tan head hot pot", with its "spicy but not dry, fresh and not fishy, entrance channeling incense, long aftertaste" unique flavor at home and abroad. June 1998 TANYOTO out of Sichuan, set up the chain store in the country, with the rapid development of the average annual rate of 300%, in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hongkong and other national fifty city has more than 100 chain stores, domestic market share up to 92% large and medium-sized city.

4, Chongqing Little Swan

Chongqing Little Swan Restaurant chain group is a subsidiary of Little Swan investment holding group, which is responsible for franchising. The introduction of FDS international franchise service organization of the most advanced franchise concept and mode of operation, so that the chain stores are explosive development.

5, the German

Hot pot

Chongqing Dezhuang industrial group, is a set of Hot pot industry development, tourism development, agricultural development, logistics industry development, "

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