Entrepreneurial platform HD PARK multi creation space consisting of trial operation

Zhejiang HD-PARK public space has been running in the trial, but also to a large number of entrepreneurial students to bring a good platform for entrepreneurship. Currently, there are a number of college students entrepreneurial team settled, a good entrepreneurial environment that can help more people to achieve entrepreneurial dream!

03 16 news   Xiasha original entrepreneurial space, the twenty-first entrepreneurial space turned out yesterday – HD-PARK public space creation. This is located in Hangzhou Dianzi University HD-PARK public space yesterday announced the trial operation phase.

HD-PARK has a unique advantage

HD-PARK and the public record space by high-tech and Hangzhou Dianzi University (referred to as Hangzhou) jointly organized, one can rely on high-tech and national science and technology business incubator operation experience, on the other hand by Hangzhou as entrepreneurship foundation for excellent universities.

"different from the grassroots entrepreneurship, Hangzhou, entrepreneurial team with solid technical background, entrepreneurial base. Shanghang electric campus atmosphere is active, the students social practice experience, college students entrepreneurship is not obvious short board." Familiar with the field of entrepreneurship in the field of college students say. At the same time, and the high tech currently operates 5 Science and technology parks, with professional business incubator experience..

combination, the two partners have complementary advantages, let students incubate initial team of HD-PARK public record space has a unique advantage. For example, the biggest problem is the entrepreneurial team, while the HD-PARK is located in the Hangzhou University campus culture, rich professional talents, recruiting Internet business is very convenient; Hangzhou and other strong professional just unfolding, can also be docking entrepreneurs; incubated enterprises can enjoy the entrepreneurship policy and HD-PARK public record space rent free support, greatly reduced business cost is low; the public record HD-PARK space in Hangzhou, in the core area of Higher Education Park, with respect to some in the industrial zone near the business parks on the entrepreneurial college students more convenient.

the first batch of entrepreneurial team in


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