Business opportunities Amoy treasure mall independent young we missed

from our longing for an ideal life, along with our growth era has indeed changed, the ideal age slowly from our past, we know that in Chinese, Taobao has become the benchmark of e-commerce platform, Ma Yun even said, Taobao Chinese for entrepreneurs to find a shortcut to make money fast. But the fact is, to some extent, Taobao also limits the user’s population. The Statistics Bureau certification authority, Chinese 130 million electricity consumers in Taobao, but 208 million more users to buy goods in addition to Taobao, how can let the people become the potential consumers of Taobao


mall system

Amoy treasure as Weibo software’s software, dedicated to Taobao users to create another independent mall, between Taobao shops and independent mall will be fully open system, such as a Taobao business update their goods in the Taobao shops, then the V5shop will be updated in the independent store. Simply speaking, Amoy treasure merchants to help Taobao to make a new mall site, and this site features is an independent domain name, but have SEO optimization system can automatically help Taobao mall businesses to improve search engine rankings, but also provide free value-added services such as Taobao store decoration.

Taobao user = customer source, the franchisee will no longer worry about selling

for entrepreneurs, if you join Amoy treasure, you is equivalent to the hands of Chinese simple lucrative business opportunities. You only need to contact the Taobao merchant, recommended Amoy treasure this software to them. According to the successful experience of Weibo software, can ensure that more than 70% of the turnover rate. For the franchisee, income is even more alarming, Amoy treasure for the franchisee with 70 percent off ultra low cost supply, and as long as the franchisee can sell four sets will be able to go back to the Amoy treasure, do the fastest franchisees with only half a month’s time to recover the full cost. It can be said to be compared to the traditional industries, Amoy treasure can give franchisees higher profits and easier way of selling. Because Taobao help businesses to do Amoy treasure independent mall is helping him to expand customer groups, to help him to earn more money, so they are more willing to accept Amoy treasure not high cost.

for all walks of life to join, is always difficulty selling their hearts. The Amoy treasure, and truly let franchisees do not worry about sales, is indeed worthy of the vision of the entrepreneurs choose to join.

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