Creating an innovative environment for young scientists

in the management of policy guidance, help young entrepreneurs society is more and more, to provide them with the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better. National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Hualian Group Co., Ltd. chairman Xu Aihua said that the need for young scientists to create innovative environment.

"young scientists is the national science and technology progress of the main, they have made great contributions in science and technology innovation, but now they also need to improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the government should create a good atmosphere for innovative young scientists." Xu Aihua, chairman of the National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Hualian Group Co., ltd..

"due to the uncertainty of research results, only the government and enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprises together to promising research projects investment, may make the invention to achieve commercial real fast." Xu Aihua pointed out that if the government does not participate in the investment, business ventures will be new research results to the market pressure.



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