With sincerity to deal with customers bargain

now some customers will buy whatever is counter-offer, counter-offer has become an essential step in shopping. For countless shopkeepers, the retail business will earn a small profit, if the customer then counter-offer, there is no way to make money. So, how to deal with customer bargaining? Xiao Bian recommendations may wish to be treated in good faith, often the effect will be better oh.

one morning, the wind was blowing hard outside and there was no one in the shop. I sat at the computer desk to look at the updated tobacco online website. At this time, there is a fifty year old woman opened the door and came in, I hurriedly stood up and greeted with a smile: "come, you need a bit of what ah?" The middle-aged woman didn’t answer right away. She quickly inspected the goods in the shop, then stood in front of the counter and asked, "how much is a diamond (rose purple)?" I replied: "100 yuan a." Middle aged woman and pointing to the electric kettle on the shelf asked: "how to sell this pot?" "Oh, 50 dollars," I answered, and I took the kettle and put it on the counter.

middle-aged women picked up the diamond smoke looked, and put the kettle in his hand but later, on the counter, and then she said: "I bought a cigarette and a pot, you should give me some cheap." I hurriedly promise: "good! Sister you! This smoke is from the formal channels, the price of 100 yuan, is the national retail price, in accordance with the provisions of the tobacco monopoly can not cut prices. I’ll give you 2 yuan for the electric kettle! Two things you receive $148."

the woman replied immediately: "it’s 48 yuan too expensive! How do you sell more expensive than the first letter to the mall, they sold 40 yuan!" Listen to her talk about the first letter of the mall, I smiled and said to her: big sister, this price is not expensive, I dare not say that the other, the first letter of the commercial buildings, such a good electric kettle do not you seven, only to blame the eighty!" "Nothing"." The female customer is shaking his head and whispered to be twisted and turned to go to the door. Look at her face, must think I’m a special shop said don’t ill "profiteers".

I did not get angry, but smiled deeper: "you want to ah, that the big supermarket to hire so many people, certainly higher than me?" The middle-aged woman I stopped, turned around. I took another electric kettle that wasn’t open. Middle aged women themselves out of the box from the electric kettle, while touching the sparkling electric kettle, while the beginning of the bargain: "cheaper, anyway, you can not say how much money on how much money."

see she intends to buy, when I talk to her is neither fast nor slow: "sister, electric kettle, quality of this brand is good, we all know the basic value of how much money can’t fool people. Moreover, to my shop to buy things, are not outsiders, are living in the Railway West of the old neighbors, rest assured that I will not receive more money, 48 yuan is the lowest I sell to the old customers

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