Baidu science and technology to join together to create college entrepreneurs growth plan

in addition to the government and colleges and universities, the industry is also very concerned about college students entrepreneurship. On the eve of Christmas, the Internet giant Baidu and University of Science and Technology of China in Beijing, organized by the college entrepreneurs growth program award ceremony to help college students entrepreneurship.

2015 in December 21st, the Chinese University of science and technology jointly organized the "College entrepreneurs growth plan" awards ceremony was held in Beijing, Zhongguancun venture street. From University of Science and Technology of China, Zhejiang University, Nanjing Aerospace University and other colleges and universities of 12 college students entrepreneurial team in the final duel with outstanding performance, respectively, won the finals of the awards.

"Baidu student entrepreneurs growth plan" is in the premier Li Keqiang proposed to "public entrepreneurship, training activities of large talent background of innovation" under the. Baidu Inc and the USTC in-depth cooperation, jointly launched the brand activities, to build eco campus system to cultivate innovative talents to provide scientific and effective business "lane for more college students with entrepreneurial dreams".

in August this year, the college students entrepreneurial growth plan "a period of activity –" entrepreneurs growth in summer camp ", held in a month long summer camp, from many universities students not only have the opportunity to listen to the wonderful course from Baidu and a public academic at the same time, the industry of my tutor, also do the formation of entrepreneurial team, personally practice planning and implementation of business proposal. After 3 months of implementation of the project, the entrepreneurial team of the 12 stick to the last, boarded the college entrepreneurs growth program award ceremony stage.

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