Chen Guangbiao US charity cited thinking where the money comes from

days ago, Chen Guangbiao published a full page advertisement in the "New York Times", said it will collect 1000 America’s poor and homeless free meals, and to $300. Chen Guangbiao said the move is to improve China’s rich " tyrant " image, let the world know " China still has a lot of philanthropists ".

the exposure that brings the dispute of " ", China top philanthropist; this was also part of the users is called " ", " idiotic; funny than " " ". " 323" is " yuan; question; so many poor people China also went to the United States ", " relief; rabbits eat grass Waterloo adorable " also said " China rich image is a person can change the "; of course there are admirers, " piscesathena" for Chen Ming rough: " he is good, there is no Chinese lost face, " " I don’t know so many people call him how to think. "

Chen Guangbiao one in the limelight " " after that, people can not help but feel puzzled: Chen Guangbiao how much money? How is his wealth accumulated?

2010 September 5th, Chen Guangbiao in his company’s official website to hang out to, ·, and a letter from Gates, announced that he will donate all the property to charity after his death. Afterwards, Chen Guangbiao told the city express said, " now I have more than and 600 sets of large equipment in the more than and 10 National City, in Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Nanjing and other places to purchase office buildings, plus other fixed assets and cash, about more than and 50 million, this is all I have. ", while the wealth of Chinese network data estimates in 2009, Chen Guangbiao was the total amount of wealth of about $660 million (contract 4 billion 100 million yuan), and the self proclaimed data of nearly $900 million difference.

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