Chengdu to introduce high level talents

we all know that the development of a region, can not be separated from a significant talent advantage, so want to develop the regional economy, the active introduction of talent is crucial! To effectively promote the high-end Chengdu University institute innovation resources and the development of Chengdu industry to promote the depth of integration, gathering of talents in Chengdu enterprises, the Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and municipal organization department, Municipal Education Bureau, people club Bureau has formulated the "Chengdu and Chengdu University institute cooperation measures for the implementation of the introduction of overseas high-level innovation entrepreneurial talent (Provisional)" to provide personnel support center for regional innovation in Western Chengdu science and technology center construction and with international influence.

"implementation measures (Provisional)" proposed by the talent demand in Chengdu enterprises and provide a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship and financial support, in Chengdu University Institute for scientific research or teaching status in Chengdu city to provide supporting scientific research funds, platform construction and government services, the key to the world-renowned university institutes and the world 500 companies jointly introduce high-level innovative talents and teams. City school and three parties to join forces to form a talent, not only to strengthen the specific attractiveness of talent, but also y reflects the College Hospital + enterprise talent flow mechanism for the development of talent to build an effective platform.

"implementation measures (Interim)" clearly the implementation of the basic process of the introduction of talent. The first step for the introduction of talent and talent demand for enterprises to the Municipal Bureau of science and technology; the second step, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in conjunction with the Party Organization Department in Chengdu University institutes and relevant joint demonstration review, passed the candidate into the "Chengdu talent" plan management; the third step, given the choice of scientific research or teaching related to identity high school.

in addition, the implementation of the measures (Interim) also clearly support the introduction of talent, including the support of personnel or team, as well as the support of the University Hospital in two areas. For the introduction of talent or team, can give four class support: one is through the "Chengdu talent plan" high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents of special, selected "Chengdu talent plan" overseas high-level talents to give the highest 3 million of the funding of innovation and entrepreneurship, selected "Chengdu talent plan" leading innovation and entrepreneurial team to give the highest 5 million yuan innovation fund.

two is the city of science and Technology Bureau of industrial clusters innovation and development of special research, the introduction of talent or team where the joint development of enterprises and colleges and universities to jointly develop innovative products to give up to 1 million yuan of research and development funding subsidies.

three is the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, technological innovation and entrepreneurial talent funded projects, the introduction of talent or team in Chengdu or leading enterprise founded to give the highest 1 million yuan research funding.

four is a science and technology financial assistance for the introduction of talent or team founded or the lead enterprises, giving pledge financing, credit loans, angel investment subsidies and recommended

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