Do you know how to make business customers to see the quality of the goods

goods in the end how, in the current such a society filled with a variety of factors, consumers have always held a skeptical attitude, and managers are blindly selling their goods. In fact, if you can understand how to let customers see the quality of your goods, I believe the business development of the operators will have a great help.

a few days ago, I went to Hongkong tourism, was a friend brought to a famous steak house in Tsim Sha Tsui to eat. After entering the steak house, I found that the store is not large, but the business is very hot. I ordered a steak, because I love as steak, the waiter stressed "to medium".

while waiting for the service to see the waiter to the customer on the steak was cut off a corner, cut off the small pieces of meat on the side of the incision. I feel very curious, why should a good steak cut off the corner? A friend smiled and told the author: "this is the characteristics of the steak house!"

this is also a feature? When the steak on the table, the first glance at the incision, the meat is red, and there is no blood, it was just perfect the medium. All of a sudden, I understand: "cut off the corner is to allow customers to see the raw and cooked beef."

friend said: "it is. If the table after the customer think steak is too rare, although you can get to the kitchen heating, but the customer’s heart is certainly uncomfortable; if the steak cooked, the customer is not satisfied, the restaurant also must bear some losses. But cut a corner, you can see the cook steak cooked are just good, even before the cooking process is not just the right temperature, but in the end they give customers can also timely remedy or replacement, thus ensuring customer satisfaction!"

author said: "this sounds like some truth, but just cut a corner is not a feature of it." Friend smiled and said: "you only see the appearance, but did not notice the inner. Just cut a corner of the steak, of course, is not a feature, but this approach allows customers to the quality of the steak at a glance, and do not need a bite to make judgments. This is a typical ‘let customers see quality’. You say, this is not what is it?"

although the food and beverage market is now a lot of steak house, but this service is almost no, so that customers really understand the quality of the goods, this is not a feature? Listen to the words of a friend, I suddenly saw the light: the steak cut a corner is very simple, but let the customer see the quality of the meticulous service is a kind of shopping wisdom.

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