The reconstruction of Shenyang Yangge Liao cloud

the history of the building, generally appears in the history of policy, in order to let people feel the past building, Shenyang city decided to rebuild the cloud Yangge. In Shenyang, the mother river of Hunhe River Reconstruction of the Liao Dynasty Yangge cloud building will be completed in May this year. Shenyang City, the relevant aspects of 28 news release, today, to the community public collection of couplets and literary works about cloud Yangge.

said that for further mining, spread the Hun river deep history culture connotation, highlight the unique charm of the Hun River, y embodies the "river heaven in harmony of humanity, from the Republic of Ping Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shenyang City River Culture Research Association, Federation of literary and art circles jointly organized a zone of peace, to cloud Yangge and four landscape pavilion as the background of creation, carry out couplets and literary works of creative activities, community oriented public solicitation works.

cloud Yangge built in the Liao Dynasty in Shen Yang Shen and water, 12 miles tall. Lin Shen Shun diange water, facing south, for the whole wooden structure, five double hipped eaves ridge. From afar, dignified atmosphere, like nature itself. According to legend, the Ming Jiajing thirty-six years, Haizhou, Liaoning, Shenyang, floods, rain down for the past 77 months, forty-nine days, on the vast Shen water, see "Yangge cloud top". The boat took the boat. The water behind the cloud Yangge collapsed, has disappeared historical monuments.

has the Yangge cloud can bring more knowledge to the people, let the people of Shenyang feel the Liao Dynasty historical buildings. Activities to collect couplet, review by experts, the work of invite famous calligrapher to write, after application to Yunyang Pavilion and pavilion building four. Literary works are assembled into a book, published and distributed by experts.

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