Henan’s three largest beverage brands recommend

there is no limit to the economic conditions, what people want to get through their own efforts. Compared with the traditional concept of nature is also a great change. Today, a variety of drinks on the market is very popular with consumers, but also the cost of opening a beverage store is not high, attracting a lot of people’s eyes. A good brand of investors is very important, in order to choose a good brand, we first need to understand the list of milk tea drinks, I believe you are worth a visit.

Henan three drinks brand recommended

, the Hot Tea, HK Style


International Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006, headquartered in Hongkong, the company owns 3 Dalian lock brand, 11 years to build more than 10 thousand popular stores, is an experienced marketing planning, product development, integrated operating company catering catering equipment supporting materials.


Hot Tea, HK Style Hot Tea, HK Style to carry forward the culture of responsibility, adhere to the professional, and innovative business philosophy. The captain Hot Tea, HK Style main direction is healthy, delicious, cheap, pure Hong Kong style tea for all ages, the addition of innovative Hong Kong style street snack egg and other specialty products.


Hot Tea, HK Style product variety, affordable, comfortable environment, favored by consumers. The captain Hot Tea, HK Style to join, no experience, flexible investment, free operation, 2 to 4 people can operate. The captain Hot Tea, HK Style has the advantages of simple operation, provide operational guidance, regular marketing activities.

two, typhoon shelter

1998 in June 4th, the Shanghai typhoon Tong Tea Co., Ltd. opened the first Shanghai tea restaurant Jiangning restaurant. Now befortime through continuous adjustment, has gradually become a best place for business negotiations, information exchange, business content not only provide "self-help elated", is: Chinese delicacy tasting, chess entertainment, sports match, unlimited broadband, leisure places, and actively create a "home" feeling, so that consumers feel more relaxed and pleasure.

three, tea story

drinks tea story franchise brand was founded in 2008, belongs to Hunan longrun Trade Co. Ltd., is Chinese inland and Hongkong’s first listed tea company – longrun group brands. After 3 generations of traditional Chinese tea elements and Taiwan fashion drinks into one another to create a healthy drink. Tea Story brand development, has been formed covering more than and 30 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, more than 20 provincial and municipal agencies, the national chain stores in, a systematic sales . < >

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