Hunan cottage is money planting Anoectochilus nvestment


Hunan cottage Anoectochilus planting? In the market, not only has a high popularity, joined the Hunan cottage Anoectochilus planting project, is still very reliable choice. The quality of Hunan cottage planting Anoectochilus project, is to make the shop!

Hunan cottage Anoectochilus planting planting should not deep shallow, covered with clean dry on the moss, bead spacing is 5-l0cm how to create the conditions to meet the specific requirements of environmental factors, artificial cultivation is successful key. Hunan cottage Anoectochilus planting, cultivation matrix to 70% peat +25% bark +5% other materials the best planting density of 5cm x 5cm, LCM the best planting depth, fertilizer and water management after planting with No. 2 fertilizer can promote the healthy growth of Taiwan.

Hunan cottage planted in field cultivation of Anoectochilus, high temperature, poor ventilation and light and cultivation factors are not clean will harm and the occurrence of pests and diseases. The growth cycle of Hunan planting planting required cottage Anoectochilus light less heat, especially avoid direct light before and after noon, so it should be cultivated to set up the shade avoid pollution when fertilization leaves, such as accidentally contaminated, should immediately spray water, Chinese is a rare traditional Chinese medicine, has a pivotal role in.

in the field of Medicine


can be used for planting Hunan cottage Anoectochilus herbal formula in various diseases, drug, why so good? Sweet natured, lung, liver, kidney and bladder. Hunan cottage Anoectochilus plants with Pinggan Xifeng, Yishen Jiangu hangover, heat and cooling blood, detoxification swelling, dispelling wind and dampness, and water dampness, Runfei cough and other effects, for the treatment of children with acute convulsion fever, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, nephritis, cystitis, chyle, hematuria, bronchitis, hemoptysis, diabetes, hypertension and other Difficult miscellaneous diseases.

health, to choose Hunan cottage planting Anoectochilus OK? Not only is good for our health, but also to join the Hunan cottage Anoectochilus planting project, the best choice is not lose. If you are also very heart, then, do not hesitate!

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