Advanced drainage model will be introduced into our city

In the comprehensive management of environment in Xining held in October 22nd by the world bank loan project to start work meeting, comprehensive management of the Xining World Bank by the World Bank Loan Project Manager Zhang Ximing said, the project is expected to become the management of water resources and the surrounding city and water environmental governance engineering model and model project, because in this project, a a leader in the international environmental planning model: low impact development in our city construction will try to use this model in the country is little city. The construction of the ecological grass ditch to rainwater as everyone knows, at present a lot of big city of our country the event of heavy rain will become the "Haicheng" street, serious water, traffic jam scene is It is often seen. Originally, the rain is a natural water resources, can be a good solution to the lack of water resources in China, but now has become a hidden danger in some cities. With the rapid development of the city, increasing the proportion of impervious surface is one of the main causes of the occurrence of floods. In order to solve this problem fundamentally, the city will implement a low impact development environment and riparian restoration projects, the use of LID Technology (a city rainwater collection and utilization of the ecological system, the implementation of site remediation technology) and facilities construction, construction of the ecological grass ditch, sunken green and rainwater garden city landscape. Let’s get natural, ecological treatment and water source pollution. From the five aspects of the water environment governance, the world bank project from five aspects of water environment governance, namely: Construction of city drainage collection pipe network project, the new drainage collection pipe network 128 kilometers; for the construction of demonstration project of the sewage treatment plant water reuse, water plant built fifth sewage treatment plant in 1, water is mainly used for the area of Beichuan City miscellaneous water; the implementation of low impact development and river environmental restoration project; the implementation of the comprehensive management of the ditch engineering, including Liu Jia Gou, deep channel flood and Chaoyang electrical outlet canal diversion channel governance; carry out institution and capacity building through bank guidance and financial support, to provide advisory services, technical research, training and equipment and the investigation procedure, the daily work of project management standard, improve facilities, improve project management and operation ability.  

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