20 entrepreneurial elite will be the ultimate showdown

In this summer, Xining is a dream of youth to build a showcase stage, no lights on the stage, but the wisdom and courage and daring the wonderful contest, this stage is the first Xining youth entrepreneurship contest. The day before, after 2 months of registration, auditions, 20 excellent players and their outstanding project with "five hurdles six", talent shows itself from more than 400 players sign up. For entrepreneurs to create a good business environment, let enterprise consciousness to take root in more people’s minds, is to build the entrepreneurial city of Xining’s "double", because only the excitation of a city to promote employment through entrepreneurship enthusiasm, let more people take the root cause in Xining, get more happiness in Xining. In 2014, Xining provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. In order to allow more people to participate in the contest does not set the household registration requirements, all want to do business, is willing to start the crowd. At the same time, also set the amount of 20 thousand yuan to $50 thousand award, and the project will be settled in business incubator base will also be favorable conditions for business support funds. Director of the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security Guo Like said: "the first entrepreneurship competition is our city to enrich a specific action connotation of entrepreneurial activities, we hope that through entrepreneurship contest, let more good business projects emerge, outstanding entrepreneurial talent emerged." From the start of the event in May 26th, the first youth entrepreneurship contest has been the concern of many aspects of society, tens of thousands of clicks on the site, telephone calls…… Finally, the Municipal Employment Bureau in the removal of duplicate registration and does not meet the entry conditions, 287 people entered the stage of preliminary auditions. The audition stage, 20 experts team project market prospects, project maturity, project innovative content of each project with consideration of scoring, determined 30 projects into the top 100 entries, the preliminary check. Reporters saw from the selected project is very diverse, both the information service to "project" electronic archives data processing software as the representative of the IT technology development projects and "Aladdin Amoy city" as the representative of the project, and have to face together "as the representative of the traditional service and to" the expensive agricultural land transfer cooperatives "as the representative of the new service projects, and to" relief range bottle "as the representative of the creative project. An expert review, told reporters: from these projects, we can see that the current entrepreneurial youth is very great, the idea of the project more creative and feasible." Peng Yongming is a being of youth entrepreneurship, he said that the participating project is electronic commerce mode 020 cloud washing set community convenient service, if the project is put into operation, the residents from home can enjoy the shopping, laundry, moving and other services, the charges are not very high, will be applied to many areas. Peng Yongming said: "from the beginning, I have settled in the west area of business incubators, enjoy the government’s business support policy, therefore, the entrepreneurship contest started, I signed up, because in this platform, I can not only maximize;

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