Adhere to the mayor in charge of Xining strongly promote the basket project construction

Xining city continue to increase government support, vigorously develop the facilities and intensive basket products, increase the construction and building of greenhouse vegetable base, to carry out the work of creating standard garden, and constantly improve the "food basket" supply security force.

the "food basket" project as the number one livelihood projects, Xining adhere to the "basket mayor responsibility and the government performance evaluation, the economic and social development plan, the budget for the project scope, take investment, land transfer, project integration, supporting funds and other forms, to establish a diversified construction mechanism. Promoting the" vegetable basket "project construction and orderly circulation of products.

at the end of 2012, the city has built vegetable greenhouses 55 thousand, livestock shed area of 3 million 390 thousand square meters, built large-scale breeding base 241, built in cold storage for 12, the total amount of 120 thousand tons. The city’s total output of vegetables, meat, milk and eggs reached 754 thousand and 600 tons, respectively, 75 thousand and 300 tons, 133 thousand and 500 tons, 8 thousand tons. The economic and social benefits of "vegetable basket" project. Datong acres greenhouse pollution-free vegetable industry zone is completed, directly led farmers to 2800, more than 7500 people engaged in vegetable production and marketing work, then achieved total revenue of 7 million 200 thousand yuan, the average income of 11 thousand yuan, the income for local farmers to build up long-term platform at the same time, the county of Xining and effectively increase the market supply of vegetables.

in the promotion of agricultural infrastructure at the same time, Xining City, vigorously carry out the work to create a standard garden, promote grafting, plant cultivation, pest control technology, water-saving irrigation, fertilization, double ridge mulching cultivation, energy-saving insulation, greenhouses livestock and poultry farming, feeding, disease prevention and control facilities and other advanced practical technology, constantly strengthen the technical services and the popularization of science and technology, science and technology service extends to the front line of farmers and greenhouse production, through technical training for farmers, and taking the typical demonstration and guidance, play the leading role and radiation greenhouse cultivation. And carry out agricultural super docking pilot to reduce circulation, smooth sales channels, strengthen market supervision, the implementation of price subsidies, efforts to curb the price of agricultural products. (author: Xing Manyu)

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