n the careful arrangements for the statistics of legal publicity and education sixth five year plan


to do a good job of sixth five year statistics legal publicity and education work, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics according to the municipal government and the Provincial Bureau of statistics to carry out legal publicity and education sixth five year plan requirements for statistical laws and regulations to further promote the Xining propaganda education work, strengthening the community legal system and law consciousness statistics statistics according to statistics, the actual work of Xining City, formulated and issued the Xining Municipal Statistics legal publicity and education sixth five year plan (hereinafter referred to as the "65 law"), and set up a leading group and its office, planning and statistics issued marked "this 65 Xining city law" officially launched. Statistics of "
65 Xining city planning law" is divided into five parts the guiding ideology and principle, the main objectives and tasks, objects and requirements, work procedures and arrangements, organizational leadership and support.
in statistics "65 law" plan, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on the "12th Five-Year" period of statistical reform and development goals, combined with the statistics of "four major projects" and "three increase" and statistical style construction center, through the solid legal publicity and management according to law, widely publicized statistical work, legal knowledge dissemination of statistics, improve the statistical law concept of leaders at all levels, improve the legal quality of the statistical personnel, to enhance public awareness of the statistical laws, strengthen the ability and level of the government statistics agency administration according to law, to promote the whole society to pay attention to support statistical work and statistical law of the social environment. Planning emphasis on strengthening the statistical legal education of cadres and personnel of government statistics and the "three enterprises" statistical personnel, is a statistical departments at all levels to actively promote the "Statistics Law" into the party leading cadres training content, "65" year period to the County Bureau of statistics of statistics at least in charge of leadership a knowledge of statistics and statistical laws and regulations training; two is the government statistics departments should adhere to focus on learning and lectures on the legal system, and to take a variety of ways to strengthen the training, knowledge contest government statisticians statistical legal publicity and education, adhere to the combination of self-study and focus on learning, strengthen the training of law enforcement personnel statistics, and effectively improve the level of law enforcement; the three is to study usage survey, especially to strengthen the statistical staff of three enterprises "legal work, and strive to improve They reported the consciousness and initiative of enterprises set table, through education will continue training, statistical practitioners, an annual statistical legal training for statisticians three enterprises "; four is to do a good job of statistics to the public propaganda work, to make full use of various publicity the media vigorously publicize statistics, improve public understanding and support for statistical work. Planning also on the 65 law of the various stages of the specific work arrangements.
"65 year" statistics of the implementation of the plan, Xining will further promote the implementation of statistical laws and regulations to improve the statistical level of administration according to law, strengthen the legal literacy statistics system and social statistics legal concept, in order to improve the ability of statistical data quality, and the credibility of government statistics and create a favorable legal environment.


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