Certified organic beef and mutton 1 million 960 thousand head

In recent years, our province to build the core area of organic beef production is the biggest goal this year to expand the construction of organic animal husbandry base to Qilian County, Gande county and Tianjun county. At present, the province through the certification of organic livestock production of 1 million 960 thousand acres of pasture, certified organic cattle and sheep head (only) 21 million 920 thousand.

in addition, our province in the development of animal husbandry at the same time, continue to cultivate leading enterprises, to support the green source meat dish Co. Ltd., Henan County Qilong ranch and other animal products production and processing enterprises, the transformation of cold chain processing infrastructure, expand the production capacity of organic livestock products. According to statistics, the province’s organic beef and mutton production and processing capacity has reached 7734 tons.  

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