Leading cadres are the first party members

1 22, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to the identity of the ordinary Party members to participate in the office of the provincial Party Committee Office of the party organization life will be, and we talk face to face, zero distance communication.


of organizational life will be informed the 2016 annual branch to carry out the work, we focus on the "two a" learning control "criterion", "Regulations" and "Four Haves" qualified party standard, with practice, find the problem, for the public to question, straightforward advice, carry out criticism and self-criticism. The meeting is from nine a.m. to half past twelve a.m..

wangguosheng listened and took notes, contact your work experience with you for the heart to heart talk, and make a check. He pointed out that to strengthen and improve the political life of the party, fully understand the importance of good organizational life. Leading cadres to participate in the branch to ordinary Party members of organizational life, is the implementation of the central requirements, enhance the action of Party member consciousness, is an important channel of extensive contact with the masses of Party members, the practice of the mass line. Leading cadres at all levels must always remember their identity is the first party, adhere to the "three class system, adhere to the democratic life and organizational life and talk system, consciously accept the supervision of all aspects, continuously strengthen the party consciousness, strengthen party concept, improve the party culture.

member of the Standing Committee of both 60, after the party members, but also the young comrades after 80. Wang Guosheng is very concerned about the study of everyone’s work, random questions, and we exchange interaction, "usually read what book," four qualified "what are the contents of" four changes ", what is the content of the Standing Committee Office staff should have what ability? Comrades answer one by one. Wang Guosheng said to everyone, I went to work for more than half a year in Qinghai, and cadres of all ethnic groups to establish a deep feeling. Qinghai gabulong spirit, atomic city spirit, does give me a new benchmark, we have to learn to keep people gabulong, background and Communist qualities. He asked us to correctly deal with the relationship between learning and work, service and coordination, good manners and good innovation, work consciousness and political acumen, self image and the image of leadership. He urged comrades, to high standards and strict requirements, adhere to focus on action, focusing on the implementation of better serve the overall situation, serving the provincial Party committee. To further enhance political awareness, strengthen the service consciousness, pay more attention to learning, pay more attention to innovation, and constantly improve the internal power and basic ability, a new starting point in solid work, to meet the outstanding achievements of the party’s nineteen and thirteenth provincial Party Congress victory.

Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo at the meeting made a comparison check, and Party members. Du Jie, deputy director of the provincial Party Committee Organization department. The Standing Committee Office Party members agreed that the organization will take the life as a new starting point for benchmarking, find gaps, clear direction, measures, down-to-earth, solid work, better play good party fighting force and vanguard role.


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