Datong has 4 provincial eco Village

December 27, 2012, the reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Dong Xia Zhen Lao Hu Gou Cun, Qing Lin Xiang Quan Jia Wan Cun village in Leningrad and cotton, approved by the provincial Environmental Protection Office awarded the honorary title of provincial eco village, town and village Jingyang by the Provincial Environmental Protection Office recommended to declare the national eco village. In recent years, Datong County Environmental Protection Bureau closely around the "goal of prosperity, harmony, ecological and livable new Datong, actively carry out ecological towns and villages to create activities, and constantly improve the rural environmental protection work. There are now 4 villages become provincial eco village.

Datong County Environmental Protection Bureau to further promote the environmental protection work in rural areas as the starting point, to strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, rural drinking water source protection, environmental infrastructure construction and ecological agriculture development as the focus, improve the rural ecological environment as the center, to improve the level of ecological civilization as the goal, formulate measures to steadily promote the provincial eco towns, eco village to create work to ensure that the village, the level of environmental protection and ecological quality, effectively play the exemplary role of eco village. (author: Wang Chunyan)

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