Datong county leaders to visit the mosque in the Gulf to visit Muslim compatriots

8 18 in the morning, county deputy secretary of the county Han Shengcai line to the tarwan village mosque’s Muslim Town, visit condolences on behalf of the masses, and through them to the Muslim compatriots expression of greetings and good wishes.

Han county said in the message, in recent years, under the strong leadership of the county Party committee and government, under the joint efforts of the cadres and the masses Taer, Taer Muslim compatriots and actively participate in the economic construction, vigorously develop the national economy, and carry out national unity and progress to create activities, the industry has made gratifying achievements. At the same time, the majority of Muslims carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism, and actively participate in the mosque social management, vigorously support the national cultural education and social welfare undertakings, make a positive contribution to the reform and development of the town, economic development, national unity and social stability.

this year, the implementation of the "military tarwan village enterprises build a project in the town and village two joint efforts, achievements and obvious to people. Hope that the majority of Muslim compatriots and town people, with a common fate, heart to heart, promote mutual solidarity among peoples, common prosperity and development, in order to safeguard the national harmony, harmonious society, religion and make new contributions to  


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