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"This The Belt and Road" strategy, let Qinghai from the opening tip into the forefront, in such circumstances, Qinghai finance how to help promote our province to become "The Belt and Road" strategic fulcrum? In June 12th, organized by the provincial government, the provincial finance office hosted China · Qinghai Belt and Road Initiative "financial forum held in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Luo Yulin attended the forum and delivered a speech, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Rinchhen Ange, the national financial institutions and domestic and foreign well-known financial experts and scholars in the field, "The Belt and Road along more than and 10 provinces (cities, districts) finance office responsible person to attend the forum.

forum focus on the development of green finance, activate development power, promote the theme of open cooperation. China Financial Times editor Mei Guohui, Chinese China Everbright (Group) Corporation Deputy General Manager, chief economist Wu Fulin, Chinese people’s Bank Financial Research Institute director Yao Yudong, full-time vice president of Industry Association China bank Yang Zaiping, vice president of Chinese postal savings bank Shao Zhi Bao, deputy director of the National Development Bank planning Bureau Shen Jiben, deputy general manager the Silk Road Fund Limited Si Xinbo, 7 experts and scholars made a wonderful speech.To speed up the pace to enter the Qinghai Everbright /

into the Silk Road to Qinghai to do four articles

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